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Cat House

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Aivituvin Cat House Introduction

For many cat lovers, their cat is an essential part of their family. They want to provide their cats with a comfortable place to sleep and keep them from underfoot.

The cat house is the ideal place for your cat to snooze and play. Cats are sure to love their new homes and reward their owners with much love.

Indoor cat house:

Rest assured, an indoor cat house won't take up too much space for you. Multi-layered space allows your cat to play happily in the castle. In the stylish indoor cat house, your cat will enjoy unparalleled comfort. 

Outdoor cat house:

You may want to give those feral cats a warm home during winter. Aivituvin outdoor cat house is perfect for them to be safe from the weather.

Or would you like to give your cat the chance to play safely outside in the sun more often? Aivituvin's wide range collection of cat enclosures is a nice way to give our indoor cats a taste of the outdoors!

Your cats deserve great furniture just as much as you do! Homeowners looking to spoil their cats with a quality Aivituvin indoor and outdoor wooden cat house. The house is made of sturdy, treated wood that will provide years of service and still look good.

Any Questions? FAQs About Cat House

Q:Which models of cat houses can be connected with window?

A:AIR22 and AIR37.

Q:Which models of cat houses are with two storey?

A:AIR14 AIR41 and AIR33

Q:What is the material of cat house?

A:All Aivituvin products are made of solid fir wood and coated with non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based painting.

Q:When will the goods be received?

A:All Aivituvin orders come with free shipping. We ship from more than 8 warehouses in the US. The package is shipped by FedEx within 1 to 2 business days. Delivery within 3-5 working days.

Q:Is it simple to assemble?

A:It is very easy to assemble. All cages came with enough pictorial instructions. The screws were packaged in plastic bags. The panels come pre-assembled. Many panels come with dowel rods that can be inserted into pre-drilled holes. The holes can be used to drive screws into the wood.

Cat House Detail Size

AIR08-B AIR09-B AIR14-1




Inner Space (Total) 4.5 ft² 5.2 ft² 5.4 ft² 10.9 ft² 13.2 ft² 23.3 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 1 Cat/Dog 1 cat/Small animal 1 cat/Small animal 1-2 Cats/Small Animals 2 Cats/Small Animals 3-5 cats/Small animal
Product Net Weight 17.4 lbs 28.6lbs 33.5lbs 42lbs 67lbs 115 lbs
Overall Dimension 29.9"L x 18.9"W x 26"H 29.9"L x 22.2"W x 30.3"H 24.3"L x 24.2"W x 36.8"H 37.4"L x 30.8"W x 33.5"H 31.5"L x 31.5"W x 70.9"H 71.1"L x 38.2" W x 70.8"H





AIR43 Insulation 



Inner Space (Total) 5.2 ft² 56.54ft² 33.96ft² 5.53 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 1 Cat/Dog 3-5 cats/Small animal 3-5 cats/Small animal 1 Dog/Small Animal
Product Net Weight 28.6 lbs 178lbs 136lbs 53.2 lbs
Overall Dimension  29.9"L x 22.2"W x 30.3"H 110.2"(L)x 73.9"(W) x73.7"(H) 76.8"(L)x 35.8"(W) x69.3"(H)  44.1"L x 26.8"W x 29.3"H





Guiding for Choosing a Best Cat House

Whether you want a comfortable home for your pet cat or a cozy place for a stray cat, a gorgeous  wooden cat house can provide shelter. There are many different outdoor and indoor cat houses for you to choose from. Importantly, we have put together a cat house buying guide for you.
How about 2 story cat house?
2 story cat house is useful if you have more than one cat and don't want to see them fighting. But make sure the stairs are non-slip and safe, otherwise the cat can easily fall down. Two story cat house is very convenient for managing your cats.
The benefits of a wooden cat house
A wooden cat house indoor can become not only a cat's home, but also a decoration for the cat owner's home. Many home decorations now use wooden furniture. The wooden cat house has a sturdy structure, and the cat can move freely in the cat house. A wooden cat house indoor is durable and spacious, with add-ons available. However, be sure to choose wood that is coated with an eco-friendly water-based paint. The material of Aivituvin is fir wood, and the paint is environmentally friendly water-based paint. Harmless to pets and family members.
Need a platform?
If you live where the weather is warm and want to keep the cat cage outdoors, it is best to have a platform. The platform is suitable for cats of all breeds and can provide them with a place to relax and rest. Cat friends will absolutely love sticking out their whiskers, watching their surroundings and getting some fresh air in the comfort of their own roof.
Are Asphalt Roofs Necessary?
To purchase an outside cat house, an asphalt roof is very necessary. A weatherproof asphalt roof keeps your cat safe from the sun and the rain. Aivituvin's waterproof bituminous roof can be easily opened. This makes it easy to see your cat at all times and to feed and clean easily.
What is a walk-in cat house?
The walk-in cat enclosure is very large and people can walk in. The walk-in design is ergonomic. You don't need to bend over to play with your cat friends. Cats never get bored even when they are alone in their cages. Because the springboards can be linked, the cats can be seamlessly linked from left to right. It's big enough that you don't have to worry about your cat feeling restrained.
Advantages of Aivituvin
With 21 years of experience in making wooden pet houses, we are way ahead in the Amazon seller rankings. We provide customers with the thoughtful service of free shipping, fast shipping, and free returns. For product quality, we strictly control. Neither product is harmful to your pets and family. Our eco-friendly homes are made of solid wood, which is both natural and strong. With modern, fresh decor, each home is unique, stylish and durable.


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