5 Reasons For Choosing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House

5 Reasons For Choosing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House


Most cats are fascinated by the big outdoors, and who can blame them when there's so much going on? Allowing your cat to wander freely is a bad idea. According to ABC, outdoor cats live an average of four years, compared to fourteen years for our indoor pals. Although certain breeds prefer to live indoors, allowing your cat to go outside offers a number of advantages. There's good news! Purchasing an outdoor cat enclosure connected to house allows you to have the best of both worlds on a budget while avoiding the hassles of a DIY option.

Why Choosing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House

Cats like to be outside because it provides them with fresh air, exercise, and the richness of the movement, sights, and sounds of nature. Cats, however, are vulnerable to a variety of outside threats.

If your indoor cat yearns to be outdoor, or you are concerned about your outdoor cat's safety, an outdoor cat enclosure might be the perfect answer for keeping your cat safe, healthy, and happy.

In terms of feline enrichment and safety, catios are a trendy trend. A catio is an outdoor cat enclosure, often known as a "cat patio," that may be installed in a window, porch, patio, deck, or yard and comes in a number of sizes. A cat door put in a window, wall, or door allows cats to enter the catio. Outdoor cat enclosures attached to house come in a variety of sizes and styles. From tiny and basic to enormous and elegant, and they provide several benefits for kitty family members.

Whether you have indoor or outdoor cats, here are the top five reasons to have an outdoor cat enclosure:

Here are the top reasons for choosing an outdoor cat enclosure, whether you have an outdoor or indoor at:

Protect Your Cat

There's no arguing that the big wide world isn't a good place for your spoiled furry buddies; their shorter lifetime speaks for itself. The following are some of the dangers:

  • Traffic accidents. These are the leading cause of unintentional mortality among outdoor cats.
  • Theft
  • Animals, including other cats dogs.
  • Poison, including lures, native plants, and fertilizer.
  • Disease, which includes fleas, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, and other parasites.

A safe outdoor cat enclosure attached to window, such as those in our collection, will keep your kitty safe and secure for years to come. Unless created by an expensive expert, a DIY cat cage will not provide the same level of protection.

Reduce Vet Bills

Diseases including feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), feline leukaemia virus infection (FeLV), and rabies can be transmitted to your cat through contact with diseased cats or wildlife, resulting in veterinary expenditures. A large outdoor cat enclosure can help you save money on vet fees and worry from your cat's injuries.

Protect Birds and Wildlife

Those razor claws and keen teeth weren't designed to tear furniture, vital mail, or your favourite shoes. It may not be so easy to believe, but your fuzzy little pal is a purrfect predator. According to the ABC, feral cats kill up to 23 million native species per day. Even though your domesticated companion appears to be kind, creatures are far more likely to show their feral side. Our native species can be found nowhere else on the planet, so if you enjoy Australian wildlife, keep them safe from kitty's claws with a secure indoor or outdoor cat enclosure.

An Outdoor Cat Enclosure Gives Your Cat Space to Play

Domestic cats, like their wild forebears, have a natural desire to climb and play. While feline may enjoy a good squabble with their owner, there's no doubting that they value having their own area to return to. An outdoor cat enclosure, often known as a cat run, allows your felines to enjoy the fresh air while also providing plenty of area for frolicking. To give it the nicest gift your feline companion could conceive, keep the cage filled with cat toys and provide vertical room.

Provide a Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle

Giving your cat a place to play can keep it healthy and active, but an outdoor enclosure is about more than just exercise. A well-placed large outdoor cat enclosure will provide your cat with necessary Vitamin D by allowing it to bask in the sun. You wild jewels, keep shining. Keeping your cat in a regulated area, away from the trash or vegetable garden of your neighbour, will keep its coat looking clean and lovely - and your neighbour may enjoy it as well!

Also, remember that even the friendliest cat is introverted, even territorial, and needs to feel in charge of its own territory. They may experience unneeded tension if they don't have a private place to hide. An outside enclosure provides an escape for your cat's reclusive moods, allowing it to relax in safety without having to deal with irritating people watching its every move.

Other Vital Reasons for Purchasing Outdoor Cat Enclosure Connected To House

Reduce the Free-Roaming Cat Population

The number of wandering cats in your area is reduced by at least one if you keep your cat from roaming freely. If your cat is a male who has not been neutered, he may be contributing to the unwanted litters that are left to fend for themselves outside. A good outdoor cat enclosure attached to house, together with spaying or neutering, can help limit the number of free-roaming cats in your neighborhood.

Reduce Indoor Multi-Cat Issues

Cats are territorial and solitary hunters by nature. While your cat may eventually learn to share indoor space with another cat, they will still want some alone time. A outdoor cat enclosure connected to house is a fun method to give your other pets more territory and stimulation while also reducing disputes and behavioural issues.

Promote Human and Feline Bonding Outdoors

You can get a large cat enclosure enough to fit a chair, sofa, or reading bench for yourself. Nothing beats having a cat on your lap for some bonding time and a cat nap! (Nature and fresh air are also beneficial to humans.) Outside of the house, quality time spent together can help enhance your cat's relationship with you.

Help Reduce Indoor Odors

If you have one or more cats, adding a litter box to your giant outdoor cat enclosure is also a good idea. It also aids in the reduction of odour-producing waste in your house, but an outdoor litter box should never be used in place of an indoor litter box. One litter box per cat plus one is the general guideline.

Good Neighbor Relations

Cats aren't for everyone. Even though your neighbours appreciate cats, they may not want them littering in their garden or yard. Territorial disputes between cats can occur if they are cat guardians, resulting in vet expenditures, worry, and strained relationships. A cat enclosure not only keeps a cat in your yard, but it may also serve as a conversation starter!

They Are Great for Cats of Any Age

The majority of cats are quite pleased to live inside the confines of their house and enclosure. They won't be enticed by the forbidden fruit if you don't tempt them with travelling. Older cats that are used to having complete freedom may find it more difficult to adjust. If they are confined to the house, they may become restless, grumpy, and even unhappy. A nice com-paw-mise is an outdoor enclosure or run. Even the most obstinate cat will lose the desire to stray if given a delightful, private environment.


We have more than 20 years of expertise designing, constructing, and building pet houses at AIVITUVIN, and we have adapted and developed to be among the best in our field. We work hard to keep this position by continuing to innovate and improve.

We've assembled a team of dedicated animal lovers that want to provide you with the finest possible service. We will pay attention to your requirements and are constantly open to new ideas in order to provide the greatest outdoor cat enclosure connected to house for your lovely pet.

Life is good in a quality outdoor cat enclosure connected to house!

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