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About Us

How It All Started

The owner of 'AIVITUVIN' starts making wooden furniture for more than 20 years ago. Coincidentally, the owner's daughter Vida, asked why people have a house, but her lovely bunny 'Pearl' does not? This question starts with the business story. And we found people with animals often enjoy a better quality of health and life because of the positive effect of having an animal companion. So we start trying pet houses. We made the first bunny house for Pearl, which make Vida and Pearl both very happy. Driven by this passion and aided by our wooden technique knowledge, we developed many pet houses crazily welcomed by customers. In the following years, we've been committed to providing various professional design houses for small animals.
The daughter of the owner starts with the name of 'VI,' 'AIVITUVIN,' is a meaningful name that says love the lovers and win the pets' heart. As pet owners and pet houses manufacturer, we have a great mission to take care of all the different varieties and sizes of pet requirements to warm up your pet's heart.

Here at AIVITUVIN, we love your pets the same way you do!


Our Mission

Just like people, every pet has its own unique home. We’re aware that some animals would feel love when they have their own pretty house. Ever since we started developing our pet houses, we’ve only had one mission in mind: provide the most affordable and high-quality solutions for their furry loved pets to make them happy.

One of our core beliefs is that every animal is an important family member and requires personalized space. We’ve used our more than 20 years of wooden making experience and passion for pets to create all innovative pet houses and other pet products.

We love pets, really love pets. Our products are born from our passion: making popular products with proper design, quickly assemble, affordable, and easy-to-use for any pet owner and any pet.

Every person who purchases from us can be relieved to know that we will work day and night tirelessly to provide you with the most outstanding service. It is our AIVITUVIN Promise to you that we will meet your expectations 100%. When you meet AIVITUVIN, we treat you with the utmost respect, and every detail feedback would put into the next upgrade products. We welcome the shopping experience, stories, and other information to share so we can do better.


Why we are special?

Unlike our competitors focused on price compete and marketing strategies, we emphasize product quality and product development. At AIVITUVIN Pet, we carry a high passion all the time. We create and manufacture all of our products in-house from start to finish to ensure that your every shopping experience is well-taken care. The advantages that arise through our large factory and 20 years' design experience allow us to give you the best product at the lowest price. And this is why we can match the competition in all aspects of product development.

Don't pay more money for traders who are not professional at all in this field; trust a factory company focused on providing the most excellent care to real customers.

Our AIVITUVIN Promise to you guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Our dedicated In-House Team is here to maintain the high standards for quality that we have upheld since we started back in 1997. Innovative, comfortable, and humanized houses are what we always did. We are fully committed to finding the best and most efficient houses for your furry friends so that they are happy and healthy.

When you are looking for environmentally friendly houses to take care of your lovely pets like rabbit, chicken, dog, turtle, hamster, etc.we've got all covered.



The Beginning

In June 1990 we first opened the doors of our original factory. This factory specialized in the designing, creating, and production of wooden furniture. This was the start of our journey into creating carefully crafted wooden items that were soon exported around the globe.


Original Pet House

After the personal success of Pearl’s bunny house, our creativity flourished. In January 2000, we designed and produced our first chicken coop. This became a revolutionary step for our company and one that was met with great success. Our chicken coop was just the beginning of our popular pet homes.

THE YEAR 2005 - YEAR 2008

Marketing Growth

By March 2005, we had established a strong place in the market producing rabbit hutches.  The demand for an affordable, high-quality product, was achieved. Our production and fan base grew extensively. Soon our factory was reaching full production. Aware of how valuable a comfortable, safe space for pets is, we began designing and creating various homes from bunny houses to dog kennels, hamster homes,chicken coop. By 2008 we were now producing the highest quality wooden pet houses. 


Factory Expansion

With demand growing and our workforce now reaching 500, February 2012 saw the opening of our new 1,000,000 sq. ft factory. Through advancement in innovation and design, we were producing 2000 product pieces daily! These achievements now ranked us among the top in this industry.

THE YEAR 2014- YEAR 2015

Wal-Mart's Audit Success

We also passed the rigorous Wal-Mart audit. A three-part audit, consisting of social responsibility (ES), Quality (FCCA), and Anti-terrorism (SCS). We continuously ensure adherence to high ethical and legal standards,stand against discrimination, child labor, and forced labor. We always keep our passion for high standards quality and maintain a safe working environment.


B2C E-Commerce Business

Committed to expansion and evolution through new technology, January 2017 saw the launch of our B2C E-Commerce business. Uniquely, our products are designed, created, and produced in-house. Therefore, we can maintain the highest quality of products at affordable prices. And in January 2017, it showed, as we soon became one of the top online sellers for wooden pet homes.


US Widespread Warehouses

With production at its highest, we are continuously striving to provide the best for our customers. Listening to their needs, March 2018 saw us invest in the opening of 4 warehouses throughout the United States of America. Situated in California, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia. We aim to ensure speedy delivery and a smoother shopping experience for our customers.


Blooming Sales

Unlike some competitors focused on price compete and marketing strategies, we emphasize product quality and product development,we place passion before profit. With better consistent development of AIVITUVIN, the higher customer's recognition and satisfaction we got, our product sales reached 20 million US dollars.

To Future

Social Responsibility

We are a company bursting with creativity and innovation dedicated to the evolving needs of our customer and their pets. We remain committed to providing comfortable, safe products for pets, breathing new life into the animal house industry. Trying to become the top-ranked pet houses brand in the US.