Aivituvin Wooden Large Bird Cage | Pigeon Cage | Dove Cage

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Aivituvin-AIR42 Wooden Large Bird Cage on Wheels

$205.99 USD

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Aivituvin-AIR47 Large Pigeon Loft | Dove Cage | Wooden Bird Aviary

$664.99 USD

Aivituvin Bird Cage Introduction

Give your winged friend a home! You can listen to the pleasing calls and watch the colorful feathers every day.

An eye-catching bird house can not only increase the fun, but also create a calm environment. Aivituvin's bird cage is a perfect home for cockatiel, cockatoo, macaw, parakeets, budgies, lovebirds, parrots, pigeons, dove, finches, quails. The sturdy design and the small door for easy feeding will not let your pet bird fly out of the cage easily. At the same time, it can provide space for your bird to stretch its wings. Let your pet bird enjoy a beautiful rest day or night.

Whether you have one or a few pet birds, we can easily find the right bird cage for all your friends with feathers. Buy bird cages at Aivituvin to help your birds enjoy their lives.