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Aivituvin-GUT02 Raised Garden Bed with Large Storage Shelf | Wooden Herb Planter


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Aivituvin-GUT04 Outdoor Garden Bench with Sink & Lid | Potting Table With PVC Layer


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Aivituvin-GUT06 Raised Garden Bed | Wooden Garden Planter


Aivituvin-GUT05 Kids Sandbox With Cover and Bench

Aivituvin-GUT05 Kids Sandbox With Cover and Bench

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Aivituvin Garden Bed Introduction

Imagine seeing beautiful flowers bloom just outside the window hanging up on your Fence. Or enjoy herbs at the perfect ergonomic height so there's no need to bend down when you want to pluck off fresh greens for your meal.

Nowadays, raised garden beds are very popular. Because you, a gardener, can control the quality of the soil and maintain the moisture inside the plants very well. Let your plants grow more robustly.

Improve your garden with Aivituvin's wooden garden bed! Our garden planter is ergonomically designed. You don’t need to bend over while taking care of your plants. Very suitable for use in the backyard,porch or lawn. Whether you are planting seeds, fruits, flowers or vegetables, Aivituvin's planter box is the best choice to start your garden!

Any Questions? FAQs About Garden Bed

Q:What is the material of garden bed and sandbox?

A:All Aivituvin products made from solid fir wood are coated with water-based paint that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Q:Is it simple to assemble?

A:Assembly is very easy to achieve. Everything you want is in the package. If you can't tell the difference, there is also a clear label inside. All holes on the product are pre-treated, so drilling is almost effortless. Accessories such as locks, hinges, latches, wire mesh and doors are complete. All you need is a power drill with a Phillips head drill and extra helpers.

Q:What is the delivery period?

A: We ship from our 8 warehouses across the US (CA TX GA NJ).Ships in 1 to 2 working days. Delivered in 3-5 working days by FedEx.

Garden Bed Detail Size















Product Net Weight 23 LBS 47.3 LBS 52.8 LBS   35 LBS 48.5 LBS 19 LBS
Overall Dimension 51.6" L x 51.6" W x 9.6" H 52.7" L x 22.0" W x 30.0" H  32" L x 25" W x 57" H
44" L x 20" W x 45" H
47.2" L x 47.2" W x 51.9" H 31.1"L x 12.2" W x 47.1"H

Guiding for Choosing a Best Garden Bed

Planting in garden beds offers gardeners many benefits. You don't need a lot of space to grow your fruits and vegetables. A raised garden bed allows you to easily maintain soil quality and manage your garden in a more comfortable position.
What are the benefits of garden beds?
A raised garden bed has many benefits compared to traditional in-ground planting: a multi-grid wooden garden bed can allow 8 different plants/vegetables/flowers to be grown at the same time. It ensures that every space can be fully utilized; secondly, vertical garden bed helps provide drainage for plants; thirdly, you can choose the suitable soil yourself; fourthly, its design is very user-friendly. Because a vertical garden bed does not need to bend over; fifth, a raised garden bed can keep your plants safe from other pests; sixth, a beautiful wooden garden bed is also a good-looking decoration for the courtyard.
What can be grown in a garden bed?
The exciting thing is that as long as your garden bed is big enough and you have enough space, you can grow just about anything, including fruits, vegetables, flowers. You just have to think about placing different plants in different frames.
How often should I fertilize garden beds?
Fertilizing your plants is the best way to protect their health. But don't fertilize too often. Fertilizers in the clay are generally recommended every four to six weeks after planting. If your plants are growing in organic soil, just apply a little fertilizer every three to four weeks. Remember not to apply too much fertilizer, because too much fertilizer will kill your plants. If you have any similar doubts, please contact our after-sales team. Also, provide them with adequate sun and water.
Garden bed shape
Garden beds come in all shapes. The most common is a rectangle. In addition, there are round beds, square beds, and even round beds.


How to Build a Raised Garden Bed?
How to Build a Raised Garden Bed?

By AivituvinPet on May 06, 2022