How To Care for A Rabbit Outdoors?

How To Care for A Rabbit Outdoors?


Due to various circumstances, some people keep rabbits outdoors. Can rabbits live outside? certainly. But we all know that rabbits are very cold pets. You have to have a rabbit playground and a temperature that keeps the rabbits living. Generally, people will choose an outdoor rabbit cage for outdoor pet rabbits, and occasionally let them out for activities. You need to pay extra attention to caring for rabbits outdoors.

No matter what, keeping your outdoor rabbits healthy and happy is the most important thing. What do you think? So let's explore how to care for an outdoor rabbit, or caring for rabbits outdoors

Make Sure to Keep The Rabbit Outside

Before we start our topic on caring for rabbits outdoors, make sure you need an outdoor rabbit pet. Some people insist that outdoor pet rabbits can be kept safe as long as they are well prepared. But that's not the case. You need to pay extra attention to caring for rabbits outdoors.

In fact, outdoor rabbits can be subject to various threats. Such as low temperature, rain and other small animals. But outdoor pet rabbits aren't all bad. But if you have a small yard and there are no other animal threats, the temperature can be guaranteed all year round, which is too enviable! Totally wow!

Do You Have Room for An Outdoor Rabbit Hutch?

Your outdoor rabbit hutch should be large enough for caring for rabbits outdoors. Even if you can't run around the yard, rabbits can play happily in the cage. In fact, the outdoor bunny's activity space determines the rabbit's mood and health. So do you have enough room for an outdoor bunny hutch?

Is Your Yard Safe for Outdoor Rabbit Play?

It's natural for rabbits to dig holes for caring for rabbits outdoors. So is your yard suitable for an outdoor pet rabbit planer? And it's worth considering that there will be plenty of uninvited guests outdoors. Like an eagle flying in the sky and a mouse crawling on the ground. So is your yard safe enough for caring for a rabbit?

Prepare Outdoor Rabbit Supplies

Rabbits don't have the same needs as cats or dogs, and they need shelter and food. You need to be careful caring for rabbits outdoors. You have a lot of things to buy, so make sure that you are prepared for any situation. Here's a list of items you will need for your outdoor pet rabbit care:、

  • Outdoor rabbit hutch
  • Grass rack
  • Food bowl
  • Bathroom
  • Springboard
  • Run
  • Toys
  • Rabbit chews
  • Nail clippers
  • Comb

This is the most basic supplies needed for caring for rabbits outdoors. You might be confused about what supplies to buy. Here's a enough list to get you started.

More Caring For Rabbits Outdoors

Rabbits are inherently delicate pets. Despite their small size, they still require more attention from you in many ways for caring for rabbits outdoors. In addition to enough daily necessities, they also require more attention from you. Caring for rabbits outdoors is so impartant.


There are many foods that rabbits can eat. But you know you need to be careful caring for rabbits outdoors. Rabbits can eat hay, rabbit food, and various fruits and vegetables. Don't forget that rabbits are herbivores. Don't feed them spicy foods and foods with too much water.

  • Vegetables: carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, squash, greens.
  • Fruits: oranges, bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries.
  • Precautions: When feeding fruit, reduce the amount of water you drink to adjust the absorption of water.
  • Grasses: shepherd's purse, plantain, dandelion.

Caring for rabbits outdoors food is essential and even more important for an outdoor pet rabbit care.

In general, in addition to the rabbit's favorite carrot, it should also be paired with a variety of fruits and vegetables. This will keep pet rabbits nutritionally balanced and healthy outdoors for caring for rabbits outdoors.

Keep Ventilated

Good weather is a prerequisite for ventilation for caring for rabbits outdoors. It is not necessary to ventilate if it is too cold or too hot. Especially when rabbits stay outside rabbit hutch for a long time, ventilation is a must. Staying in the outdoor rabbit hutch for a long time will cause the air in the cage to become stale, causing various diseases in the outdoor pet rabbit. Therefore, ventilation is also one of the important factors for caring for rabbits outdoors.

Give Outdoor Rabbit More Time to Play

Rabbits like freedom just like people, like running and jumping. For caring for rabbits outdoors, outdoor activities are good for your rabbit's physical function. If outdoor pet rabbits are kept in cages for a long time, their mental state flexibility is not good.

  • But keep an eye on it when it is released, because rabbits usually run very fast. And if you are not careful, it will become food in the belly of others. Keep them within your sight and in a safe place.
  • So what games can you play with the outdoor rabbit pet? Rabbits are naturally curious animals. Indoors you will find that they like to find some hidden places to hide. You can make a hole out of a cardboard box for it to crawl on. Another is that you can throw the ball and let the rabbit pick it up. It will actively run to find.
  • The outdoor pet rabbit also likes to play with cardboard and wooden toys.

Accompany The Outdoor Rabbit

Rabbits are a bit like cats, with independent personalities. But they are sometimes clingy and afraid of being alone. So as a rabbit owner, you must make time to play with it every day and spend more time with them. Giving pet rabbits more company outdoors will make them feel better and feel that you care and love them at all times. So how to care for rabbits outside?

  1. If you don't have much time, cuddle the rabbit at least twice a week.
  2. If you only have an outdoor bunny, you can consider giving it a buddy to live with. This will be a lot of fun for the outdoor bunny. In short, companionship is a key factor in caring for rabbits outdoors.

Regular Cleaning of Outdoor Rabbit Cage

For caring for rabbits outdoors, you should also pay attention to the cleaning of outdoor rabbit cages. A good environment is conducive to the physical and mental health of rabbits. So how to care for a bunny outside?

  1. Roughly clean the rabbit's toilet every day and remove excess straw.
  2. Thoroughly clean the cage once a month. Replace the litter.

Warm Work in Winter

Be prepared enough to keep your outdoor pet rabbit through the cold winter. For caring for rabbits outdoors, buy an insulated outdoor rabbit cage if possible. But it's best to keep the rabbit indoors at this time. How to care for rabbits outdoors in winter?

  1. Pay attention to the outdoor bunny hutch for air leakage. If there is, be sure to fix it in advance. For caring for rabbits outdoors, avoid causing the rabbit to catch a cold due to air leakage or let the cage get wet.
  2. Except for the ventilation holes that must be left in the rabbit house, other small gaps should be filled with things. And put straw curtains on the doors and windows.
  3. On sunny days, open the windows and doors of the outdoor rabbit cage more to change the air in the cage. If the temperature in the rabbit house is relatively low at night, you can also use a stove inside to increase the temperature in the rabbit house.
  4. Green materials will be very scarce in winter. But rabbits also consume a lot of physical strength, so in normal times, they should feed more concentrate. And the energy inside is relatively high, and the protein is also relatively high.
  5. Rabbits grow very fast in winter because they need to keep warm. When the hair grows to a certain extent, it is necessary to cut them short. When shearing, only some of the longer hairs are cut short, and the short hairs do not need to be moved. Also, do not touch the hair growing on the abdomen to prevent the rabbit from getting cold.

Resist The Hot Summer

Rabbits may experience a series of mental and physical adverse reactions during the hot summer months. Especially when the temperature reaches above 30 ℃, rabbits can easily become lethargic and have poor appetite. In hot summer, rabbit owners should take extra care to prevent heat stroke in outdoor rabbits. For caring for a rabbit in the summer, the following measures can be taken to help rabbits prevent heat stroke and keep pet rabbits safe. So how to care for rabbits outdoors in summer?

  1. Ventilation and cooling:
The doors and windows of outside rabbit hutch are best kept open day and night. When the air in the house is dry, cool water can be sprayed on the floor of the house at noon to cool down. In hot weather, it is best to use a fan to cool down. When the solar radiation is particularly strong, cool water should be sprayed on the roof of the rabbit house to reduce the temperature in the house. High temperature and high humidity are more harmful to rabbits.
  1. Rabbit house shade:
Commonly used methods are to widen the eaves, build a pergola, hang curtains, and set up a sunscreen outside the window. Shading should not affect the ventilation in the house.
  1. Green environment:
Plant trees around the cage, plant grass or forage crops, etc. This lowers the ambient temperature, purifies the air and improves the microclimate.
  1. Reduce the stocking density and reduce the impact of high temperature:
It is best to keep rabbits on the ground or in low-level cages, but the ground must be kept clean and dry. Rabbits are nocturnal animals and eat more food at night than during the day. Especially in the high temperature season, they almost lie down and rest during the day and rarely eat food. At this time, special attention should be paid to the use of early morning and evening feeding.
  1. Scientific ingredients:
The nutrition of the feed should be comprehensive, and the protein content in the feed should be sufficient. The energy feed should be reduced, which can reduce the heat dissipation of the rabbit body. The feeding amount is appropriately reduced compared to other seasons.
  1. Provide enough drinking water:
Provide enough water to drink freely. The water should be cool and clean. It is best to use well water, which can be used as needed to relieve fever.
  1. Stop breeding:
High temperature is detrimental to the reproduction of rabbits, and reproduction also affects the resistance of rabbits to high temperature.
  1. Prevention of disease:
In the high temperature season, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning and sanitation and epidemic prevention and disinfection in the rabbit house. The house should be disinfected regularly to prevent mosquitoes and flies from spreading diseases.

Caring for Rabbits Outdoors
Protect Your Outdoor Rabbits

There are many uncontrollable and threatening factors outdoors. Rabbits live at the bottom of the food chain and their protection should be strengthened. For caring for rabbits outdoors, you need to take extra safety precautions.

A Safe Outdoor Rabbit Cage

A professional outdoor bunny hutch should be strong enough and weatherproof. You also don't want aggressors to easily get into the cage and catch your rabbit. There are plenty of options for outdoor rabbit hutch nowadays. With outdoor use in mind, you should pay extra attention to the cage's accessories. Such as a small door bolt, an inconspicuous screw. If you have the conditions, you can design it yourself and tell the manufacturer your needs. Or just build one yourself.

Compared to other kennel manufacturers, Aivituvin has always regarded pets as part of the family. So caring for rabbits outdoors, aivituvin has always been regarded as the most important part. When it comes to these, this is my sincerest advice. You need to know how important it is to choose the most thoughtful outdoor rabbit hutch manufacturer.

Protection From Predators

There are many predators of rabbits outdoors. We mentioned above that predators can cause great panic in rabbits. So be sure not to let other animals enter the rabbit's living space. Common natural predators of rabbits are weasels, wolves, eagles, foxes, etc. For caring for a rabbit, don't let predators hurt them.

Stay Away From All Dangers

Do not let the outdoor bunny get close to any poisonous plants nearby. Aloe vera, daffodils and geraniums are all poisonous to rabbits. In addition, for outdoor pet rabbit care, the outdoor wires should be hidden away from the rabbits.

Final Thought

Keeping a pet rabbit is not easy, and keeping an outdoor pet rabbit is also difficult. Can rabbits live outside? Of course. The important thing is caring for rabbits outdoors.

How to care for rabbits outdoors? Giving them a safe and clean environment is half the battle. It would be perfect if you were with them more often. OK, that's how to care for an outdoor rabbit.

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