Product Maintenance

Pet Hutch Maintenance

Aivituvin products have been treated with a non-hazardous, water-based painting, which provides initial protection from weather conditions, but the product should be treated regularly if used outside. Wood dries out when not maintained and can become cracked, warp or become unsightly. For this reason, you should thoroughly clean and treat your pet's hutch regularly using wood cleaning products and re-painting the hutch that is animal safe after half a year. Besides, pls find a place that is as sheltered as possible to avoid wear and tear from the weather.

How to Solve Chewing Problem?

A rabbit gnawing on wood means he need to grind his teeth. Usually feeding rabbits can add some timothy hay, can play a certain grinding effect. Apple wood is commonly used for rabbit teeth grinding tools, this can be bought online. We also matched a toy for grinding teeth for rabbit. If your rabbit's teeth are too long now to eat, please find a doctor to cut them off and then pay attention to give some hard fodder or grass sticks, Caged rabbits are kept active for more than an hour a day to prevent their teeth from growing too long.

Besides,pls try bitter-apple spray on wood to avoid this problem.

How to Use Wire Mesh Flooring?

Most parts of our pet hutches are with wire flooring above the bottom tray. The pets will not stand on their poops and for faster cleaning if there is a wire mesh flooring above the tray. The most important thing is the wire mesh flooring is removable. You can take it off if you don't need it. Or you can put a pad on it to keep your pets more warm and comfortable.


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