How To Stop A Cat From Biting?

How To Stop A Cat From Biting?


Many cat owners will ask: why does my kitten bite me?

There are many reasons why do cats bite. In individual cases, they will show the instinct to scratch and bite. This is normal. There are four main reasons why do cats bite:

  • The way to express love to you.
  • Show its own existence.
  • Express its negative emotions.
  • Maybe it doesn't want to play with you.
  • The last possibility is that it may be spoiled.

Although cats are cute, it is wrong to bite people. How to get my kitten to stop biting? You can use the following countermeasures to solve it.

How to Stop a Cat from Biting

Play is the Key

Every cat will like to have more time to interact with the owner. When the owner neglects him and does not play with the cat for a period of time, the cat will have his own emotions. Will bite your hand and vent its dissatisfaction with you. You can give it a little punishment at this time. Get some cat snacks to coax the cat back after punishment. It is recommended that you can arrange the cat's play time reasonably. If you don't have time, you can throw some toys to catch and bite it.

Eat After Play

With play done, and a full belly, she’ll be sleepy. Gently handle her several times a day. Pick her up to carry her/him to her food (even if it isn’t necessary), to a different room to play with her/him, etc. They’re wiggly, but if they know you will put them down quickly when they protest, they will start being more comfortable with it.

Reward Good Behavior

Allow the kitten to catch the toy, then give an opportunity for biting and bunny kicking. Let the kitten know she did a great job by rewarding her after playtime with a treat or meal. This tells the kitten that she’s a great hunter!

Never raise your voice to her. Cats don't understand the concept of punishment. If she’s somewhere she shouldn’t be, just move her (gently) to someplace where she can be. If she’s climbing shelves that are off limits, you need to provide a cat tree or something else for her to climb on. Always give alternatives. Praise when she uses the alternatives, even if you’re the one who put her there.

Accept Proper Punishment

It is important to make it aware of the seriousness of the consequences. The simple and effective method is to prepare a small bottle filled with purified water. When the cat bites, we can spray it with water. Because cats are very afraid of water. This can also quickly let the cat know the wrong way to bite. Here I suggest to let the cat know that the bite is wrong before spraying it. Be sure to grasp the degree.

Get a Friend for Your Kitty

In many cases, the cat just wants to play with the owner, and does not mean to attack the owner. There is only one cat in the house, because there is no playmate, so I can only play with the owner. If possible, consider raising another cat, which can distract the cat.

You can make it. It requires a few things though. Patience. Consistency. Patience. Persistence and did I mention Patience.


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