How to Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?

How to Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?


Winter is fast approaching, and the cold air draws in. Rabbits are a warm-blooded and sensitive pet. So, sudden temperature change puts a substantial challenging impact on every animal, including rabbits. The ability of survival depends mostly on quality food, water, and surroundings. As a responsible bunny mom or dad, you should keep your bunny warm to avoid unwanted situations.

In the wield, rabbits make underground shelters to prevent their body temperature from dropping below freezing. Hutches are obviously above the ground, so you will need to help your rabbits stay warm. How to take care of rabbits in winter? Here are some tips to make sure your bunnies are kept warm this winter.

How Do Rabbits Stay Warm In The Winter?

A. Keep the Baby Rabbits in the Indoor

The most straightforward adjustment you can make is to move the rabbit cage somewhere warmer, indoors, or an insulated rabbit hutch during the rough weather.

A baby rabbit's body temperature needs to be around 100 °F (38 °C). It's a bad idea to let rabbits breed during winter. However, if your bunny ends up having babies in the winter months, you should bring the mother and babies indoors. They need a warm, comfortable and peaceful hutch to rest. Aivituvin indoor bunny house comes in various designs, sizes and security. They give your furry friends a comfortable place to eat, rest, and sleep safely. You could ensure a comfortable and warm home for your bunny during the winter with this rabbit hutch.

Below hutches in the grey colour scheme across the home is calming and doesn't make the house stand out too much, and proper size will not take too much space when you put it inside the room.




B. Keeping Rabbits Warm In Winter Outside

How to protect rabbits from the cold? If you don’t have enough indoor space for keeping bunnies, don’t worry. Security, comfort, spacious hutch will protect rabbits from the cold. Your beloved bunny will not only survive but will thrive during the cold winter months. So finding the best outdoor bunny house is a crucial point.

The bunny house you choose will be your pet rabbits home for the rest of its life. Aivituvin is one of the leading brands in the wooden rabbit hutch industry who has the best options when it comes to choosing what’s right for your babies!

C. Insulating the Rabbit Hutch by Hutch Cover

It would be fine if you opened the hutch during the day. But it is better to cover the rabbit hutch during the night. Hutch covers are the best choice to insulate the rabbit hutch from the outside cold weather.

Rabbit hutch covers are designed to fit over your hutch, provide additional warm and keep some ventilation at the same time. They should have a waterproof roof, back and sides made of good-quality material to keep out wind, rain and snow, and mesh doors can be partially covered with rolling transparent Perspex or plastic, roll-up to allow your rabbit to see out. The sun to come in on a bright day,roll-down for added warmth on a cold night.

Aivituvin rabbit hutch is designed to fit your bunny house snugly and will come soon...

D. Exercising Rabbit

You wanna keep rabbits warm. In the wild, rabbits are jumping and running one place to another place. It helps to increase the blood circulation of the rabbit. Ultimately, they become hot.

Similarly, home rabbits also need daily exercise, especially in the winter. The ideal option is connecting your hutch and run, so your rabbit can move between them freely.

Furthermore, foraging behavior is an excellent way to keep that bunny brain busy. You can hide their food in treat balls to encourage them to roll the ball around to dispense the food. Another option is to put the food inside a box and pack it with hay, so they can pull the box apart and scrape through the hay to get to the food. Those encouraging movement will help keep them warm.


E. Rabbit Bedding for Winter

Rabbit needs comfortable bedding and care all over the year. But during the winter they need the quality rabbit care badly. You can get different types of rabbit bedding in the pet store or online shop.

Place a lot of bedding material in the sleeping area. If possible, place their sleeping areas up off the floor & line the bottom of them with newspaper. A thick layer of newspaper will help keep the heat in, as well as packing in more straw into the closed side of the hutch. By doing this, the rabbits can dig in and bury themselves, which will help them warm up faster.

F. Keep Them Cosy with Straw

When it comes to keeping rabbits warm, straw is one of the best materials. Place straw throughout the cage. Make sure to change straw every few days to prevent moisture because rabbits may urinate on the straw.

Straw is warmer than hay, so stack your bunny house full of dry straw, but remember to mix in the hay too, so they still have hay to eat at all times.

G. Make Sure Water Bottles and Bowls Don't Freeze

In the winter months, water bowls and bottles can potentially freeze. Check water bottles and bowls a few times a day. If they freeze, replace them promptly.

Insulating water bottles can reduce their risk of freezing. Insulating the bottle can help, you can buy water bottles designed for winter use, which come wrapped in materials that keep them warm. Or you can DIY your own by wrapping the bottle up with bubble wrap and an old sock.

Another way is to make sure to have lots of spare bottles handy so that you can swap them over throughout the day, should the others become frozen.

H. Clean the Cage Regularly

To make sure your bunny bedding area is clean and dry so you should clean your bunny house regularly. Urine can cause bedding, straw, and hay to dampen and even freeze. This can cause health problems if not dealt with properly. Remove any clumps of urine from your rabbit's cage daily, paying particular attention to his bedding area.

A Hassle-free cleaning bunny house will help you a lot. A wire net on the bottom tray to separate the waste from the floor, a fully removable tray, plenty of access points including the hinged lid on the indoor area. That combination should mean that cleaning out the hutch takes barely any time at all.

Final Thoughts

Taking these steps will help keep your rabbits warmer over winter. You should take care of rabbits in winter more carefully. Remember, rabbits do not hibernate, so if your rabbit becomes lethargic and goes off of its food, it needs to see your vet as soon as possible.

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