Is It Cruel To Keep Rabbits In Cages?

Is It Cruel To Keep Rabbits In Cages?

No. Rabbits need a home just like any other animal. It's not meant for them to be in for extended periods. However, rabbits need a place where they can sleep, eat, drink water, and relax. Especially they need somewhere to be indoors when it's too freezing at night during winter, and they will not get injured or eat something when you are out of house or asleep.

Of course, they need time to stretch their legs and roam around. You can keep the door open and add a fence around the hutch so they can freely roam in and out of their condo.

If you own a pet rabbit or want to own one, understanding a hutch's importance is crucial. The best rabbit cage for rabbits is to provide them with a safe and warm home. Just like people, home can not only eat and sleep, but also the noise outside. Rabbit hutch is a place where rabbits can play and entertain.

The best rabbit hutches should come in various designs, sizes, and levels of security. Aivituvin rabbit hutch gives your furry friends a sense of safety and comfort.👇👇👇

1 ,Material: solid fir wood ➕animal-friendly paint➕heavy-duty galvanized predator-proof welded wire ➕ robust quality hardware
2 ,Weather-resistant: The roof is covered with asphalt for enhanced weather protection.
3,Safe: there are secure latches on all the access points➕the outside area is surrounded by a wire cage that is dense enough to stop claws getting in but still provides plenty of fresh air and visibility for the rabbit.
4,Fast Moving: Most rabbit cages have movable wheels. This design makes it easy for you to push the rabbit cage out of the house. You can let your rabbit friends go to the garden to bask in the sun and breathe fresh air. Go back to the house when it's cold at night.
5,Effortless cleaning: The wire mesh on the bottom tray is removable. It can separate the garbage from the floor and speed up the cleaning speed.
6,Easy Assembly: Our rabbit cages will be packed flat. There is a manual that knows your installation. The accessories for installing the rabbit cage are in a plastic bag, already marked for you. The pin rod can fit well into the pre-drilled hole, which is more convenient for you to install.


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