We and #Aivituvin Moments

We and #Aivituvin Moments

Why Customers Love Aivituvin

One of the reasons that buyers of Aivituvin Pet House have such peace of mind about the happiness of their pets is because of the comfort and security features.

Bunny Condo 🐇🥕🥕🥕

Hutches are less like cages and more like houses for your rabbits. The best rabbit hutch come in various designs, sizes and security. They give your furry friend a comfortable place to eat, rest, and sleep safely.

Rabbits need a home just like any other animal. It's not meant for them to be in for extended periods. However, rabbits need a place where they can sleep, eat, drink water, and relax. Especially they need somewhere to be indoors when it's too freezing at night, and they will not get injured or eat something when you are out of house or asleep.

Of course, they need time to stretch their legs and roam around, you can keep the door open and add a fence around so they can freely roam in and out of their condo.

And most of our rabbit hutches are on wheels, making it easy to move the hutch to garden, backyard or balcony to enjoy the sunshine and get fresh air.

We LOVE our rabbits!! Meet Teddy ... she's a big spoiled sweetheart that lives in my daughter's room. We love this hutch because it's just the right size and gives her lots of options! Teddy is a litter box trained rabbit so we just leave a litter box on the floor of this cage and it makes for really easy cleanup. Please don't ever just leave a rabbit stuck outside in a cage, they need lots of love and attention and room to play and hop! Bunny rabbits make excellent pets, but they need a lot of time and interaction so a cage like this is perfect for letting them hop around! We also love the idea of putting this cage out into a big enclosure so that they have a safe place to hang out and sleep but can also hop around safely.From @She Saved®

Kitty Kingdom 🐱🐾🐾🐾

Would you like to give your cat the chance to play safely outside in the sun more often?

Aivituvin wide range collection of cat enclosure is a nice way to give our indoor cats a taste of the outdoors! Give your kitties a safe place to play and relax.

Chicken Palace 🐔🐓🐣🐥🍳

Which Came First: the Chicken or the Egg?-You’ll never know if you don’t have a safe place for your hens.

Chickens can be fantastic pets for children of all ages.

If you are able, keeping chickens is an excellent way to teach your children all kinds of life skills. Build a coop together and show your little ones how to use tools. Give your kids the responsibility of feeding the chickens and gathering eggs. Use the eggs in your kitchen and let your kids see the many ways they can be cooked. Bring in an incubator and hatch new chicks to raise in your coop so your children can see where chickens come from.

There are countless ways to involve these productive family pets in the education of your little ones, and the benefit of fresh eggs is well worth the work involved.-From @alarainmotion

The first thought of many people talking about raising backyard chickens is that chickens provide delicious and nutritious eggs, but don't realize many other benefits come with having your backyard flock.

Small Animals Mansion 🐢🐀🐹🦎

Finding a secure place for your hamster, guinea pigs or other small animals to burrow away from the threats of the world outside or spend time lounging, playing, and enjoying life.

Kids's Favorite Thing-Playing in Sand🧒🌴🌞

Who loves sand?! I do - until I am out of it and keep finding it everywhere 🤣⁣My kids favorite thing is playing in sand, and since we do not live at the beach (tear), this sandbox by @aivituvinpets is the perfect addition to our backyard! From @welltraveledchild

Luxury Real Estate for Your Furry/Feathered Friends!

Nothing is more exciting than having a dream house for your pets!

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