6 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches---The Ultimate Buying Guide

6 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches---The Ultimate Buying Guide


It is crucial to select the best rabbit hutch for your rabbit baby, whether you are a rabbit breeder yourself or just starting to. Rabbits are very cute pets. Some pet owners are reluctant to keep their rabbits outdoors and want to be closer to their baby rabbits. So they need an indoor rabbit hutch. Buying one will save you a lot of time and effort compared to a diy indoor rabbit cage.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing an indoor rabbit hutch, such as ventilation issues, size issues, and more. Don't worry, take a look at the best rabbit hutches I've picked out for you first. Then we discuss a few more aspects to consider when buying.

6 Best Indoor Rabbit Hutches

Aivituvin Outdoor and Indoor Rabbit Hutch--AIR10

indoor rabbit hutch

Aivituvin is the best indoor rabbit hutch on the market. The cage is durable and well ventilated, making your furry pet rabbit safe and happy.

This is a rabbit hutch that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The bottom area of this indoor wooden rabbit hutch gives bunnies plenty of space to zoom around,the top gives privacy to relax. And it doesn’t take up too much space in the home. Additional sliding doors can separate the upper and lower areas.

This outdoor and indoor rabbit hutch has a removable wire netting above the bottom tray. It can prevent your rabbit from stepping on its stool and when you pull the trays out for cleaning with the bunny inside & without disturbing anything. The wire flooring will remain in place. You can decorate with hay or other bedding. Both make your room look neat and make your rabbit feel more comfortable.

One standout feature here is the use of the casters on the bottom of the indoor rabbit hutch. This means that you can wheel the hutch out of the house, into the garden for outdoor playtime, and back into the house at night.

Inner Space: 8.3ft²(Click for details AIR10


  • Suitable size for 1-2 bunny inside or outside use
  • The deeper plastic tray is easier to clean
  • Wire netting above the tray for effortless cleaning
  • Roof with waterproof asphalt & UV resistant panel
  • 4 movable wheels
  • The roof can be opened for easy cleaning
  • Amazon's No. 1 seller


  • The ramp may be a bit steep for some small rabbits

Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch Furniture--AIR24

indoor rabbit cage

For indoor rabbit hutch, probably the biggest headache is cleaning the cage. Don't worry, the top of this indoor rabbit hutch can be opened. And it comes with a deep plastic tray for easy cleaning. In addition, it with a wire mesh on the tray. When the tray is taken out, the rabbit can stay on the mesh for easy cleaning and can avoid bunny standing on their feces.

This is an ideal and best indoor rabbit hutch has a foldable access door, which can be used as a staircase or a door.

The unique design prevents urine, water, etc. from overflowing the edge. The indoor rabbit hutch has four wheels, two of which can be locked to hold it in place to keep your pets highly safe.

Inner Space: 4.84ft²(Click for details AIR24


  • Suitable for 1 bunny,guinea pig or other small animals
  • With foldable access door
  • Plastic drawer has a removable bottom netting
  • 4 movable casters
  • The roof can be opened
  • No leak pull out tray is easy to clean
  • The indoor rabbit cage is easy to setup


  • The wire opening of the bottom netting is 3.5”(L)x 0.59”(W) which is bigger than others
  • The size of the cage is suitable for small animals but not enough for big size

Aivituvin Large Indoor Rabbit Hutch--AIR19

large indoor rabbit hutch

This is really an amazing design indoor rabbit hutch! You now know that rabbits poop a lot, which smells bad and isn't easy to clean up. And the rabbit cage is difficult to disperse indoors. So you need an indoor rabbit hutch that is easy to clean. This indoor bunny hutch is equipped with 3 deepened plastic tray under whole hutch, so it fits your requirements very well.

It features three doors, and a spacious living area. The entire thing is made of solid fir wood and water-based, non-toxic paint that is safe for you and your pet rabbit The asphalt-covered roof ensures that your rabbit will not be exposed to rain and sun.

There are 6 wheels on the large indoor rabbit hutch, which makes it easy to move. Two of them are locking wheels, which are very safe to fix.

Inner Space: 9.6ft² (Click for details AIR19 )


  • Suitable for 1-2 bunnies,guinea pigs or other small animals
  • A lot of places to hide or stretch out
  • With 6 wheels Waterproof asphalt roof


  • The roof cannot be opened
  • Indoor rabbit cage setup is a bit difficult

Aivituvin Large Outdoor and Indoor Rabbit Hutch--XZ7001

indoor rabbit house

This wooden rabbit hutch is very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike other indoor rabbit hutch furniture, the large bottom area of this indoor rabbit hutch gives the rabbit enough space. And the top room offers privacy and relaxation.

The best design rabbit house, with a gate, openable roof, and plastic tray. In addition, it has non-slip stairs and the roof can be opened for easy cleaning.

This design is not only easy to clean, but also allows you to get in touch with the rabbit more intimately because two access doors.The rabbit hutch on wheels can move quickly. The two wheels are brake casters, which are used to fix and protect your rabbit.

As an indoor bunny cage, it doesn't take up much room in the room. The waterproof roof is also very suitable as an outdoor rabbit house.

Inner Space: 8.3ft²  (Click for details XZ7001


  • Suitable size for 1-2 bunnies indoor or outdoor use
  • Diagonal wood supports on all panels to reinforce the construction and last longer service time
  • This best indoor rabbit cage is easy to setup
  • The bottom area gives the rabbit plenty of space to zoom around, the top gives privacy to relax
  • Openable roof for easy cleaning


  • No Wire Mesh on the Tray The ramp may be a bit steep for some small rabbits

Aivituvin 2 Story Rabbit Hutch on Wheels--AIR06-C

indoor rabbit home

There are many rabbits in your house? This two story rabbit hutch may be your perfect choice. This is a double rabbit hutch which is spacious and independent, and can accommodate 1-2 rabbits without weight restrictions. Allow your rabbit to play happily in its own space.

The rabbit hutch with four durable wheels makes it easy to move this cage from one place to another! And two wheels are brake casters to fix and keep your rabbits safe. The 5 access doors of this outdoor and indoor rabbit hutch can help you catch furry friends and clean the house effectively.

Inner Space: 8.32 ft² (Click for details AIR06-C  )


  • Suitable size for 1-2 bunnies indoor or outdoor use
  • The dividers of the second floor can be removed to expand the space
  • An asphalt roof can be opened for easy cleaning
  • The inside bunny cage is easy to setup
  • 5 access doors makes it easier to see your rabbit


  • Can't become two separate layers, there is no block board between the two sections.

Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch--AIR18

indoor rabbit hutch

This indoor rabbit hutch looks as organized and private as it is. It has two tiers and has a door and a wired window on top and bottom. Both the levels have a large pull-out tray that you can simply remove and clean.The wire flooring on the bottom tray for easy cleaning and prevents your pets from stepping into any mess.

The sturdy interior ladder works as a great connector to the first floor and second floor. You could easily put a middle board down to separate two floors. Even if you have two or three bunnies in your house, there is plenty of room.

Inner Space: 14.1ft² (Click for details AIR18


  • Suitable size for 1-2 bunnies indoor use
  • Two large plastic tray
  • Removable wire flooring on the bottom tray Innovative style and design
  • Can be used as two separate layers


  • Wire mesh roof are not waterproof so it is only suitable for indoor use

Indoor Rabbit Hutches Buying Guide

In fact, many people who keep rabbits do not like to keep the rabbit cage in their room. The reason is that it takes up space and is not easy to clean. The 6 best indoor rabbit hutch listed above for you perfectly solve some of your problems. Next, we need to consider what to look out for when buying an indoor rabbit hutch for our beloved rabbit.

What Material Indoor Rabbit Hutch Do I Need?

Metal rabbit hutch

It is characterized by good ventilation and light transmission, easy observation, bite resistance, and suitable for various methods of disinfection. But it is easy to rust, especially the manure bearing plate, and the general service life is 5-7 years. If a metal rabbit hutch is used, with a bamboo bottom net and a plastic manure tray, the use effect can be improved.

Cement board rabbit hutch

It is characterized by corrosion resistance, bite resistance, sturdiness and durability, suitable for various disinfection methods, and low cost. However, it is poorly ventilated, difficult to move, occupies a lot of land, and has poor thermal insulation in winter.

Brick and stone rabbit hutch

Its characteristics are convenient to obtain materials, more economical, anti-animal damage, good heat preservation and heat insulation, and can be built in various styles and specifications according to actual needs. However, this kind of rabbit cage has poor ventilation, is not easy to be thoroughly disinfected, and occupies a large area.

Wooden rabbit hutch

Its main features are light weight, strong mobility, convenient material acquisition, heat insulation, easy maintenance, and can be made in a variety of styles as required. However, this kind of rabbit cage is not resistant to biting and is difficult to disinfect thoroughly.

Plastic rabbit hutch

Its main features are light weight, easy scrubbing, and low incidence of foot dermatitis. But it is not resistant to biting, the plastic will age, and the cost will be higher.

Other Things To Consider When Buying An Indoor Rabbit Hutch


Whether it is an indoor rabbit hutch or an outdoor rabbit hutch, our first consideration must be size. Because it determines not only the size of the room but also the comfort of our little bunny.

You should buy an indoor rabbit hutch that is spacious and comfortable enough. Because keeping rabbits indoors has restricted some of the rabbit's activities. Therefore, we need to ensure that there is enough space in the rabbit cage for the rabbit to move freely. In general, the size of the indoor rabbit hutch should be such that the ears do not touch the top of the cage when the rabbit's hind legs stand up.


Indeed, more consideration should be given to the issue of ventilation, especially the indoor rabbit hutch. Rabbits often stay in cages, and the exhaled air and excrement will soon contaminate the surrounding environment. Those are not conducive to the health of rabbits. Ventilation can renew the air in the bunny hutch and remove excessive moisture in the rabbit cage. So as to provide the rabbit with more fresh air.

But the reality is that if you want to make homemade indoor rabbit cages, you're probably only thinking more about safety and comfort. For the most part you ignore ventilation issues. Or dig a hole hastily. That would be wrong.

Final Thoughts

You really love your furry baby and want to play with them at any time and the space at home is large enough, you indeed can choose an indoor rabbit hutch. But you have to be prepared that the rabbit cage will emit an unpleasant smell. But in Aivituvin, you can choose indoor rabbit hutch that can provide sufficient ventilation so that you can see your friends well.

One of the best indoor rabbit hutch above may be just what you need. Finding the right indoor rabbit house for your bunny is easy, and Aivituvin has given you the perfect answer. The indoor bunny hutch provided by Aivituvin provides a comfortable and warm home for your little pet. Of course, giving the little rabbit a warm home is inseparable from the master's care.