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    Aivituvin Cat House Introduction

    For many cat lovers, their cat is an essential part of their family. They want to provide their cats with a comfortable place to sleep and keep them from underfoot.

    The cat house is the ideal place for your cat to snooze and play. Cats are sure to love their new homes and reward their owners with much love.

    Indoor cat house:

    Rest assured, an indoor cat house won't take up too much space for you. Multi-layered space allows your cat to play happily in the castle. In the stylish indoor cat house, your cat will enjoy unparalleled comfort. 

    Outdoor cat house:

    You may want to give those feral cats a warm home during winter. Aivituvin outdoor cat house is perfect for them to be safe from the weather.

    Or would you like to give your cat the chance to play safely outside in the sun more often? Aivituvin's wide range collection of cat enclosures is a nice way to give our indoor cats a taste of the outdoors!

    Your cats deserve great furniture just as much as you do! Homeowners looking to spoil their cats with a quality Aivituvin indoor and outdoor wooden cat house. The house is made of sturdy, treated wood that will provide years of service and still look good.

    A:AIR22 AIR37 and AIR54

    AIR14 AIR94 and AIR33

    All Aivituvin products are made of solid fir wood and coated with non-toxic and eco-friendly water-based painting.

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    It is very easy to assemble. All cages came with enough pictorial instructions. The screws were packaged in plastic bags. The panels come pre-assembled. Many panels come with dowel rods that can be inserted into pre-drilled holes. The holes can be used to drive screws into the wood.