Aivituvin Garden Bed Introduction

Imagine seeing beautiful flowers bloom just outside the window hanging up on your Fence. Or enjoy herbs at the perfect ergonomic height so there's no need to bend down when you want to pluck off fresh greens for your meal.

Nowadays, raised garden beds are very popular. Because you, a gardener, can control the quality of the soil and maintain the moisture inside the plants very well. Let your plants grow more robustly.

Improve your garden with Aivituvin's wooden garden bed! Our garden planter is ergonomically designed. You don’t need to bend over while taking care of your plants. Very suitable for use in the backyard,porch or lawn. Whether you are planting seeds, fruits, flowers or vegetables, Aivituvin's planter box is the best choice to start your garden!

All Aivituvin products made from solid fir wood are coated with water-based paint that is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Assembly is very easy to achieve. Everything you want is in the package. If you can't tell the difference, there is also a clear label inside. All holes on the product are pre-treated, so drilling is almost effortless. Accessories such as locks, hinges, latches, wire mesh and doors are complete. All you need is a power drill with a Phillips head drill and extra helpers.

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