Guinea Pig/Ferret Cage

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    Aivituvin Guinea Pig Cage

    Before bringing your new guinea pig home, make sure you have prepared a large wooden guinea pig house with enough space for your new pet.

    Deciding which wood guinea pig cage to buy can be challenging. Because your fur baby needs enough space to play, your room may be limited. The best guinea pig houses must have enough space for your little pets to exercise and play.

    There are so many cheap wooden guinea pig cages, how do you choose the most suitable one? Aivituvin is here to serve you. We know that many factors need to be considered when choosing a guinea pig home. Therefore, we sell cheap wooden guinea pig cages with large space and simple installation.

    Pls put some chewing toys or try bitter-apple spray on wood to avoid this problem.

    They consist of solid firwood and are painted with non-toxic, eco-friendly water-based colors.

    Assembly is very easy to achieve. Everything you want is in the package. If you can't tell the difference, there is also a clear label inside. All holes on the product are pre-treated, so drilling is almost effortless. Accessories such as locks, hinges, latches, wire mesh and doors are complete. All you need is a power drill with a Phillips head drill and extra helpers.

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