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Aivituvin-AIR18 Wooden Large Reptile Cages for Tortoise, Bearded Dragon or Small Animals

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  • Two Separate Storey-Double spacious floors are suitable for tortoise, lizard,cabrite, dragon, bunny, or other small animals. There is a small door between the two sections, you can put it down to separate two floors, or the pets get to explore upstairs and downstairs by ramp between two areas.
  • Removable Wire Flooring-You can pull the trays out for cleaning with your pets inside & without disturbing anything. The wire flooring will remain in place. And you can remove it if you don't need it.
  • Pls, note: wire flooring are only above the bottom tray!
  • UV Roof-The cage combines with UV proof roof to protect your pets from UV & rainy, and enjoy sunlight when put the cage outside.
  • Easy Cleaning-The roof of the hutch is hinged for easy access, two fully removable trays, and plenty of access points for an efficient cleaning process.
  • Rolling Cage-Four casters on the bottom of the cage that you can wheel the cage into the garden for outdoor playtime and back into the house at night quickly.
  • Product Dimensions: 37.6x 24.6 x 39 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 55 pounds
  • Wire Opening:3.5”(L)x 0.6”(W)

It was super easy to put together. We recommend 2 people and 45 minutes.And you just need to prepare screwdriver.

All of our cages will come flat packed – It came with a sufficient pictorial manual. Screws were in marked plastic bags. Panels are stamped and come ready to be screwed together. Many have dowel rods that fit nicely into pre-drilled holes.

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