Guiding for Choosing a Best Bird Cage

Buying a large bird cage, or a pigeon cage can be a challenging task, especially for a first-time birder. While there are many options, there are some simple guidelines you can keep in mind. In this bird cage buying guide, we'll discuss the most important things for you to consider.
Choosing the Right Size
Birds are free animals. Too little space can cause discomfort to the bird. In severe cases, it can also cause psychological problems in birds, such as screaming, biting, etc. Different species of birds vary in size. A good bird cage should be large enough for your bird to move around comfortably and to fully stretch and flap its wings. And you also need to consider space for feeding and toys.
Round bird cage vs. Square bird cage
These are the two most common bird house shapes. The round bird cage does not face directly, so the space is relatively small. And it's not easy to clean. Most importantly, the round bird cage has less space under the foot for the bird, and the bird's toes, tail feathers may get stuck. There are security risks. A square cage will keep the bird relatively safe. Because the square large bird house has four corners. If you look closely, you will see that when birds are uncomfortable, they usually hide in the four corners. Aivituvin's wooden bird cage is safe enough. The small door is convenient for feeding without letting the birds fly away. In addition, there are perches for added fun.
Choose a suitable location for your bird cage
The cage is important, but so is the environment your bird lives in. An ideal location makes your bird more relaxed and enjoyable.
First wherever you place your wooden bird cage, it should not be too high, or too low. The second is that the bird house cannot be placed directly in front of the window, because external factors such as dogs and eagles will scare them. Finally you put the wooden bird cage should give the bird enough security. At the very least, a wall would give them some sense of security. For ease of movement, you'd better choose a bird cage on wheels.
Bird cage should be easy to clean
Keeping your large bird cage clean is the first step in your birding. Especially for large bird cages with many birds. Be sure to buy cages that are easy to clean. Aivituvin's wooden bird cage has plastic drawers. Wire mesh floor separation for easy cleaning. This design prevents your bird from stepping on any mess. And when you're cleaning, it won't bother anything when you pull out the tray.