Guiding for Choosing a Best Chicken Coop

With the legalization of chicken farming, raising backyard chicken is a growing trend today. Most people will ditch the diy chicken cage in favor of buying a ready-made chicken coop. Though pointed out the best wood chicken coops for you in our blog. We've been getting a few questions lately, so we've put together some ideas for you to buy.
What size chicken coop should I buy?
You must first consider the size of your large chicken coop. How many chickens are you going to keep? Three or thirty birds? The dimension of the coop is very essential for the comfort of the chicken. It is not good to raising too many chickens in a coop. Many chicken coop guides recommend coop space on 3-4 square feet for one chicken. If you are not sure, you can consult the merchant. Generally, the introduction will clearly indicate how many chickens are suitable for it.
Do chicken coops need nesting boxes?
Chickens are very sensitive when laying eggs, and the nest boxes can play a protective role and give chickens enough sense of security. It provides a concealed and safe laying environment for chickens and easy access to collect eggs. You need to determine the number of it inside the coop. Generally two nesting boxes can meet most of needs. Aivituvin provides an egg box with a fixed structure and the roof fully cover with waterproof asphalt roof so you don't have to worry about it breaking and leakage.
Do i need a large chicken coop with run?
It is necessary to purchase a chicken coop with run. On the one hand, chickens need extra spaces for movement; on the other hand, it can ensure the safety of the flock. No matter where they are, flocks are vulnerable to aggressors. A large chicken coop with run will keep your flock from being attacked. At the same time, it provide more room for them to move freely.
Do i need a chicken coop with casters?
Chicken coop with casters allows to move the chicken cage anywhere. If chicken cages are left in one place for an extended period of time, the ground beneath the cages may be spoiled by the chickens. Moving the chicken cage makes the grass your chickens touch fresher and gives your chickens a fresh area for scratching.
Where should i put the large chicken coop?
Here are a few things to consider when deciding right place to put your big chicken coop. The first is to have enough sun light. Sunlight is very important for the health of chickens, as well as for egg production. The second is to have fresh grass under the feet, which also means enough feeding areas for the chickens. Chickens love insects and weeds. They also love plants, seeds, grass. The fresh grass contains almost everything the chickens want to eat.
How much is a chicken cage in general?
Cheap chicken coop may not be so complete in accessories. Would you like to spend $10 on a chicken cage? the answer is negative. High-end coops do a great job of ventilating, keeping them warm and dry. Coops range in price from $100 to over $1000, depending on your needs. Aivituvin's chicken cages are already the most affordable in the industry. We try our best to serve you the best chicken coop.