Guiding for Choosing a Best Guinea Pig Cage

Guinea pigs are an extremely popular choice of small pets. They are sweet and don't bite. When you're looking for the best guinea pig cage for your adorable guinea pig, it's important to make sure your guinea pig has the most comfortable home. This way they will be happier and healthier.
Ventilation and safety
First, a best guinea pig cage should be as safe as possible. This is the first factor you need to consider. They often climb up and down, and the sturdy cage construction provides safety. Aivituvin's wood guinea pig cage construction is solid enough.
In any cage for pets, ventilation is an important consideration. Guinea pigs need fresh air. They do not require outdoor activities and can be kept in their cages all day. They can become sick from breathing in turbidity. Ventilation is essential for them.
Easy to clean
Wire cages with plastic tray are the easiest to clean. Guinea pig cages should always be cleaned at minimum once per week. The easiest guinea pig enclosures are those with the most basic construction. Because they are more difficult and more difficult for people to clean.
Guinea pig size
It is essential to have a large cage for your guinea pigs. As we mentioned, guinea pigs don't need to be outside. They spend their entire time inside the cage. The best cage for guinea pigs should allow them to run, eat, and play. You should also have enough space to store toys and utensils.
Outdoor vs. Indoor Guinea Pig Cage
Regarding purchasing an indoor guinea pig cage or an outdoor guinea pig cage, it is worth mentioning that guinea pigs living indoors are the most ideal conditions. So, you should choose an indoor guinea pig cage. But an outdoor guinea pig cage can allow your guinea pigs to do outdoor exercise and activities at just the right time.