Guiding for Choosing a Best Hamster Cage

Hamsters are one of the most popular small pets. They are cute and don't bite. When you are picking a cheap hamster cage, you need to consider multiple factors. A best hamster cage should be large enough. In addition, there are several things to consider.
Ventilation is important
Ventilation is a very important factor to consider in any pet cage. Fresh air is very important for hamsters. Because they do not need outdoor activities themselves, they only need to stay in the hamster house every day. Over time, they are likely to become unhealthy due to turbid air. Therefore, ventilation of the hamster house is important.
Hamster cage size
A large hamster cage is necessary. We mentioned earlier that hamsters do not need to be outdoors. So they spend all their time in the cage. A best hamster cage should give them enough space to eat, play, and run. There also needs to be ample space for toys and utensils.
Easy of cleaning
As a rule of thumb, wire cages with plastic trays are easiest to clean. Hamster houses need to be cleaned regularly, at least once a week. The best hamster cages are the ones with the simplest construction. Because more complex structures are more difficult to clean.
Security of hamster cage
Once the hamster gets tired of being in the cage, it will try to escape. They can easily escape the house by squeezing their bodies. You want to make sure that the cage door latch is secure. Also, try to choose a lower hamster house. If you choose to buy a 3 tier hamster cage, make sure there are no gaps for your hamster to fall into.
Something about wooden hamster cage
Some people may consider that your hamster may be biting the wooden hamster cage. In fact, this situation is easy to avoid. You just need to understand why the hamster bites the cage. The detailed reasons and solutions are clearly written in the blog--Reasons and Solutions For a Guinea Pig Chewing Its Hutch. In addition to essential company, buying them toys, you can try to avoid this problem by spraying the wood with bitter-apple.