Turtle Habitat Box Collection






Capacity (suggested only) 1-2 Tortoise 1-2 Tortoise Suitable for tortoise,ferret,guinea pigs,chinchilla  Suitable for tortoise, hamster,guinea pig,ferret,chinchilla,gerbils, rats,mouse,sugar glider
Bottom wire netting    / /  Removable Wire Netting Above the Tray Removable Wire Netting Above the Tray
Product Net Weight 24.2lbs 24.3lbs 50 lbs 29lbs
Overall Dimension 39.4"L x 24"W x 12.4"H 38"(L)x24"(W)x11.8"(H) 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39.4"H 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39"H