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Aivituvin Large Wooden Tortoise Enclosure-AIR20-B

$159.99 USD

【Large Space】It comes with a spacious "private" sleeping area & a "public" viewing area which are suitable for sulcata,russian,red footed,desert,baby,leopard,hermann ,greek and pancake tortoise or other small animals.

【Adjustable Legs】No matter where you place this cage, the adjustable legs allow it to be nice and level on the ground surface.

【Rolling Cage】Four casters on the bottom of the cage that you can wheel the cage into the garden for outdoor playtime and back into the house at night quickly.

【Removable Wire Flooring】You can pull the trays out for cleaning with your pets inside & without disturbing anything. The wire flooring will remain in place. And you can remove it if you don't need it.

【UV Roof】The cage combines with UV proof roof to protect your pets from UV & rainy, and enjoy sunlight when put the cage outside.

【Easy Cleaning】The roof of the hutch is hinged for easy access and a fully pull out tray for an efficient cleaning process.

  • Material: 100% Fir wood
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Wooden hutch
  • 1 x Instruction
    • Product Dimensions: 39.7 x 22.8 x 39 inches
    • Wire Mesh Opening Size:3.5”(L)x 0.59”(W)
    • Shipping Weight: 34 pounds 
    • Wire Opening:3.5”(L)x 0.6”(W)

    rabbit hutch



    Removable bottom wire-netting

    Rabbit house with removable bottom wire-netting for easy cleaning also prevent the predators from the underground.

    Non Leak & Deeper Tray

    Great improvment to add one more DEEPER NO LEAK slide out tray in the bottom.

    Special Gifts

    Free metal feeder and rabbit chewing toy included, relieve the boredom of pets and reduce the harm to furniture there by.

    • We ship from FOUR warehouses across the U.S.
    • Express Delivery : Ships in 2 to 3 working days. Delivered in 3-10 working days.
    • Deliveries are typically made Monday to Friday between 8.00 am - 6.30 pm. 
    • Working days are: Monday to Friday (and don't include public holidays or weekends).
    • We do not ship the orders on weekends or holidays. Some delivery delays can occasionally occur.
    • Questions:Would this work for a hedgehog?
    • Answer : Possibly....it’s pretty big for a hedge hog. Ours holds a mini lop bunny and it’s a mansion!!
    • Questions: Does it go up and down ?
    • Answer : You can choose not to install the legs.
    • Questions: Can you open the covered portion to clean inside?
    • Answer : The top is hinged and opens.
    • Questions: Is the tray made of metal or plastic?
    • Answer : It's made of a heavy plastic...I really like this cage..it was so well wrapped and easy to put together. nice product

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    Inner Space (Total) 2.2 ft² 4.8 ft² 4.84 ft² 8 ft² 11.03 ft² 14.3 ft²
    Capacity (suggested only) Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,gerbils, rats,mouse,hedgehog Suitable for chinchillas, rats,mouse,gerbils, hedgehogs, tortoises, lizards,squirrel, chameleons, iguanas,pet minks Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,bunny,guinea pig,sugar glider,gerbils, rats,mouse,hedgehog Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,guinea pig,ferret,chinchilla,gerbils, rats,mouse,sugar glider Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,guinea pig,chinchilla,sugar glider,gerbils, rats,mouse,hedgehog Suitable for ferret,guinea pigs,chinchilla 
    Bottom wire netting                /  / Removable Wire Floor Above the Tray Removable Wire Netting Above the Tray  / Removable Wire Netting Above the Bottom Tray
    Product Net Weight 22lbs 28lbs 33lbs 29lbs 33lbs 50lbs
    Overall Dimension 23.6"L x 15.7"W x 31.5"H 23.6"L x 15.7"W x 55.1"H 40.4'L x 23.6''W x 28.3''H 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39"H 38.98"L x19.69"W x 24.02"H
    39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39.4"H













    Inner Space (Total) 14.3 ft² 5.3 ft² 1.5ft 9.6 ft²
    Capacity (suggested only) 1-2 Tortoise Suitable for ferret,guinea pigs,chinchilla  2-3 birds/small animals 1 cat/hedgehog/small animals Suitable for ferret,guinea pigs,chinchilla
    Bottom wire netting    / Removable Wire Netting Above the Bottom Tray  Removable Wire Netting Above the Tray / /
    Product Net Weight 24.2lbs 50lbs 57 lbs 20.3"L x 16.5"W x 16.9"H 41lbs
    Overall Dimension 39.4"L x 24"W x 12.4"H 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39.4"H 32.7"L x 30.9"W x 70.9"H 13 lbs 61.2"L x 22.6"W x 31.9"H