Aivituvin Wooden Chicken Coop | Hen House for 1-2 Hens

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chicken coop house
Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop
Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop
Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop
Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop
Aivituvin-AIR013-B Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop for 1-2 Chickens

Aivituvin-AIR013-B Outdoor and Indoor Chicken Coop for 1-2 Chickens


Product Overview

  • Chicken House with removable bottom wire-netting and PVC layer for easy cleaning also prevent the predators from the underground.
  • Waterproof Asphalt roof !100% UV proof run panel.Protect the chicken,poultry,bunny,from UV & rainny,and enjoy sunnylight.The 2 concave slats helps to flow out water fully.
  • Large wooden chick coop with DEEPER removable pull out tray ! NOT LEAK! Better Thicker plasitc quality, easy to clean !
  • Spacious Space of Poultry cage comes with nesting box for poultry to lay their eggs ,2 big front doors for easy catching your pets.
  • Hen house perfect for 1-2 chickens and other small animals,no weight limit.Speical design latch, better metal quality,prevent predators. It is pretty good for someone starting out with chicks,quail,bunny and small animals. And it is an option to isolate sick chickens.
  • Material: 100% Fir wood
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Wooden hutch
  • 1 x Instruction
  • 1 x Metal feeder
  • 1 x Chewing toy
  • 2 x PVC layer
  • Big enough for 1-2 Chickens up to 18lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 53.4"(L) x 23.6"(W) x 38.1"(H)
  • Shipping Weight: 49.7 pounds 



Chicken coop

Removable Bottom Wire-Netting

Chicken coop with removable bottom wire-netting prevent the predators from the underground, also easy to move the products when pets inside.

Non Leak & Deeper Tray

 upper DEEPER NO LEAK slide out tray

100% UV proof & Ramp

Waterproof 100% UV proof roof.Protect the bunny,poultry from UV & rainny,and enjoy sunnylight.The 2 concave slats helps to flow out water fully.Ramp makes the pets to move freely between the upper and lower layers.

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  • Deliveries are typically made Monday to Friday between 8.00 am - 6.30 pm.
  • Working days are: Monday to Friday (and don't include public holidays or weekends).
  • We do not ship the orders on weekends or holidays. Some delivery delays can occasionally occur.
  • Questions:Does this have the slanted run roof like pictured? (Pattern 13-b)
  • Answer :Yes it does. Comes exactly as pictured
  • Questions: how fast is the shipping
  • Answer : It came earlier than expected.
  • Questions: Is it suitable for outdoor use
  • Answer : its ok,i have put it in my yard around one month,it look gread,Powerful asphalt roof ,i like it

Customer Photos

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Inner Space (Total) Nesting Box Area--2.79ft²
Upper Sleeping Area--4.93ft²
Ground Activity Area--15.31 ft²
Sleeping Area -- 10.3ft²
Ground Activity Area -- 21.8 ft²
Upper Sleeping Area -- 9ft²
Ground Activity Area -- 21.5 ft² 

Nesting Box Area -- 4.2ft²

Sleeping Area -- 14.3ft²

Ground Activity Area -- 21 ft² 

Sleeping Area--16.58ft²
Ground Activity Area--38.54 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 2-4 Chickens/Small Poultry
4-6 Chickens/Small Poultry
6-8 Chickens/Small Poultry
4-6 Chickens/Small Poultry
8-10 Chickens/Small Poultry
Quantity of Nesting Box 1 2 2 1 2
Product Net Weight 85lbs 91lbs 153 lbs 158lbs 226lbs
Overall Dimension
81" L x 33.5" W x 46.6" H
103"(L) x 67"(W) x 28"(H)
75.7"(L) x 62.5"(W) x59.1"(H)
115.2" (L) x 50"  (W) x56"(H) 134.5"(L) x59"(W) x62.4"(H)






Inner Space (Total) Nesting Box Area -- 1.79ft²
Upper Sleeping Area -- 3.52ft²
Ground Activity Area -- 9.39 ft²
Upper Sleeping Area-- 3.5 ft² 
Down Playing Area -- 6.9 ft² 
Nesting Box Area -- 1.7 ft²
Upper Sleeping Area -- 3.4 ft²
Ground Activity Area -- 9.9 ft²
Upper -- 14.2 ft²
Lower -- 9.2 ft²
Nesting Box Area -- 2.1ft²
Upper Sleeping Area -- 3.8ft²
Ground Activity Area -- 10.7 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 2-3 Chickens/Small Poultry
1-2 Chickens/Small Poultry
1-2 Chickens/Small Poultry
3-4 Chickens/Small Poultry
2-3 Chickens/Small Poultry
Quantity of Nesting Box 1 / 1 1 1
Product Net Weight 58lbs 49lbs 52lbs 62.3lbs 72lbs
Overall Dimension
65.2"L x 26.4"W x 47.6"H
57”L x 21”Wx33”H
69"L x 26"W x39.4"H
69.8 "L x 42"W x54.6"H 78.4"L x 27.6"Wx40.6"H





Inner Space (Total)

Sleeping Area:9.15ft²

Nesting Box:2.73 ft² for one nesting box

Sleeping Area:8.82 ft²

Nesting Box:2.66 ft² for one nesting box

9.95ft² Upper Sleeping Area--5.99 ft²
Ground Activity Area--12.48 ft²
Playing Area-- 11.53 ft²
Sleeping Area -- 5.93 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 2-4 Chickens/Small Poultry
2-4 Chickens/Small Poultry
2-4 Chickens/Small Poultry
2-3 Chickens/Small Poultry
2-3 Chickens/Small Poultry
Quantity of Nesting Box 2 2 / 1 /
Product Net Weight 107.6lbs 100lbs 69.73lbs 84.5lbs 27.5lbs
Overall Dimension 67.3" L x 40" W x 49.75" H 63.7" (L) x 36.8" (W) x 40.6"(H) 64.6"L x 25.4"W x 28.1"H 80.6"L x 22.6"W x42.5"H
87.8"L x 20.5"W x 33.7"H