Aivituvin 2 Story Outdoor and Indoor Guinea Pig Hutch

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Aivituvin-AIR18 Ferret Guinea Pig Cage On Wheels (Inner Space 14.1 ft²)


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Product Overview

  • The outdoor and indoor guinea pig cage with 2 DEEPER removable pull out tray ! NOT LEAK! Better plastic quality, easy to clean ! (Pls note: removable wire mesh above the bottom tray, No wire mesh above the top tray).
  • Outdoor and indoor guinea pig hutch on 4 wheels easily to move, 2 of them are locking wheel to fix well and safe.
  • Cage for bunny combine with UV proof roof & wire roof protect the rabbit, bunny, from UV & rainy, and enjoy sunlight. 2 large side doors, 2 front door for every direction easy catch.
  • Rat house with 2 ramps, double-floor, and spacious space are big enough for ferret, guinea pigs, chinchilla and other small animals.
  • Outdoor and indoor guinea pig cage adds metal feeder and chewing Toy.

Suggestion: You can spray bitter-apple on wood to avoid pets chewing the wood.

  • Outdoor Guinea Pig Hutch Material: 100% Fir wood
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x Wooden hutch
  • 1 x Instruction
  • 1 x Metal feeder
  • 1 x Chewing toy
  • The indoor guinea pig cage is big enough for 4-5 guinea pigs
  • Product Dimensions: 37.6x 24.6 x 39 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 55 pounds 
  • Wire Opening:3.5”(L)x 0.6”(W)

rabbit house

bunny house

rabbit cage

Removable bottom wire-netting

Rabbit house with removable bottom wire-netting for easy cleaning also prevent the predators from the underground.

Non Leak & Deeper Tray

Great improvement to add one more DEEPER NO LEAK slide out tray in the bottom and four sides BARRIER EDGE around so the bedding and hay will NOT SPILLS OUT.

Special Gifts

Free metal feeder and rabbit chewing toy included, relieve the boredom of pets. The ramp easy for pets to move freely between the upper and lower layers.

  • Questions: What type of material is the indoor guinea pig hutch made of?
  • Answer : Fir wood.
  • Questions: Can the bunny get to 2nd floor or are they closed off and separate?
  • Answer : There is a ramp connecting the two floors. There is also another ramp connecting to a third, half-floor on top of the hideout.
  • Questions: Can the trays be taken out completely to be cleaned ?
  • Answer : The trays come out completely.
  • Question: Does this indoor guinea pig cage have wire mesh above the top tray too?
  • Answer: No, the wire mesh are only above the bottom tray.
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Inner Space (Total) 8ft² 4.84 ft² 8 ft² 11.03 ft² 14.3 ft²
Application Suitable for Ferret, Chinchilla, Rat and Other Small Animals Suitable for ferret, chinchillas, rats,mouse,gerbils, hedgehogs, tortoises, lizards,squirrel, chameleons, iguanas,pet minks Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,bunny,guinea pig,sugar glider,gerbils, rats,mouse,hedgehog Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,guinea pig,ferret,chinchilla,gerbils, rats,mouse,sugar glider Suitable for dwarf, syrian, roborovski, crittertrail hamster,guinea pig,chinchilla,sugar glider,gerbils, rats,mouse,hedgehog Suitable for ferret,guinea pigs,chinchilla 
Bottom wire netting                /  / Removable Wire Floor Above the Tray Removable Wire Netting Above the Tray  / Removable Wire Netting Above the Bottom Tray
Product Net Weight 71.5lbs 59.13lbs 33lbs 29lbs 49.65lbs 50lbs
Overall Dimension 36"(L) x 25"(W) x 63.2"(H) 27.6"L x 20"W x 55.2"H 40.4'L x 23.6''W x 28.3''H 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39"H 39.2"L x 19.5"W x 26.3"H
39.4"L x 24.6"W x 39.4"H






Inner Space (Total) 9.6ft² 7.8 ft² 6.49ft² 11 ft² 7.9 ft² 4.84 ft²
Application Ferret, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig and Other Small Animals Ferret, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig and Other Small Animals Bunnies/Guinea Pig/Hamster Bunnies/Guinea Pig/Hamster Guinea pig, hamster, rat Guinea pig, hamster, rat Syrian Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters, Robo Hamsters, Gerbils,Rats
Bottom wire netting  / Removable wire mesh above the bottom tray / Removable Wire Floor Above the Tray / / /
Product Net Weight 41lbs 50lbs 58lbs 36.4lbs 48lbs 36lbs 39lbs
Overall Dimension  61.2"Lx22.6"Wx31.9"H 39.4"L x 24.6"W x 29.4"H  47.2"L x 19.7"W x 41.3"H 35.8"L x 19.7" W x 36.6"H  39.45"L x 19.7" W x 30.3"H 39.45"(L) x 19.7"(W) x 20.47"(H) 39.5"(L) x 19.7"(W) x 30.3"(H)