Aivituvin Outdoor Cat Enclosure,Large Outside Cat Run

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outdoor cat enclosure
outdoor cat enclosure
outdoor cat enclosure
outdoor cat enclosure
outdoor cat enclosure
outdoor cat enclosure

Morgete 110'' Extra Large Cat House Outdoor Walk-in Enclosure Wooden Catio Cage with Bridges, Platforms, Rest Rooms, Roof Cover


Sheltered house & Outdoor Play Space

Create the purr-fect safe summertime play space for your cat with the Paws Playhouse Cat Run.

  • Walk-in Style Cat Run-The walk-in design( 73.7" tall) is ergonomically friendly. Requires little or no stooping or bending over to have fun with your feline friend and you can get inside out of the weather too. There are two small cat doors (front and back) to connect with cat tunnel you need.
  • Make Your Kitty Even Happier-Just like humans, cats need physical, mental, and emotional stimulus too. They enjoy watching fast moving objects like birds, and moving their bodies in natural predatory ways. They also use the sun to regulate body temperature before dozing off. The galvanized mesh provide transparent full sight around cat surrounding for its curiosity and observer nature.
  • Safety & Security-You won't need to worry about the safety of your cats any longer when they are inside the Aivituvin Cat Run. With added safety galvanised wire mesh (wire opening:1/2"x1/2")& sliding bolt locks on doors to keep your cats safe from snakes and other predators.
  • Spacious Room-Not just a place (56.54ft²) to climb,jump, the enclosure features plenty of space for your kitty to lounge around. They’ll appreciate the small resting rooms as they enjoy a nap in the sun.To escape the wind and rain, your kitty can snuggle up under the waterproof detachable canopy.
  • High Quality-The cat enclosure is constructed with solid fir wood ➕  animal-friendly paint  ➕  heavy-duty galvanized predator-proof welded wire (wire openings are only 1/2"x 1/2") ➕ robust quality hardware to prevent predators. (You can paint to other colors if you want like video shows-the white version by Aivituvin customer)
  • Large Cat Run Overall Dimension:  110.2"(L)x 73.9"(W) x73.7"(H)
  • Weight: 178lbs

Note:this product is 4 boxes package


cat playpen

cat house

2 X Bouncy Brideges

Bridges satisfy your cat’s instinct to jump and climb. Putting your kitty on our cage will make you the cat’s meow.

5 X Cat Walks

EXTRA middle platform and enlarge 4 side shelves allows cats to jump from left to right ,providing kittens with more climbing space.

2 X Cat Sleeping Houses

Cat catio with 2 spacious sleeping houses offer super soft and warm lounging spots, give your feline friends a luxurious napping experience.

cat enclosure large

catio outdoor cat enclosure

cat enclosure

2 X Two Small Doors

Two small doors for pet gate or cat tunnel, you never have to worry about your precious cat getting lost.

Safety & Security

Inside the secure walls of the AIVITUVIN playhouse, your kitty is free to unleash controlled chaos before settling in the sunshine.

Waterproof Roof Cover

To escape the wind and rain, your kitty can snuggle up under the waterproof detachable canopy.

The large outdoor cat enclosure is super easy to put together. We recommend 2 people and 45 minutes. And you just need to prepare screwdriver.

All of our cages will come flat packed – It came with a sufficient pictorial manual. Screws were in marked plastic bags. Panels are stamped and come ready to be screwed together. Many have dowel rods that fit nicely into pre-drilled holes.

  • We ship from 8 warehouses across the U.S.
  • Express Delivery : Ships in 1 to 2 working days. Delivered in 3-5 working days.
  • Deliveries are typically made Monday to Friday between 8.00 am - 6.30 pm.
  • Working days are: Monday to Friday (and don't include public holidays or weekends).
  • We do not ship the orders on weekends or holidays. Some delivery delays can occasionally occur.

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Inner Space (Total) 33.96ft² 56.54ft² 13.2 ft² 33.3 ft² 36.3 ft² 4.5 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 3-5 cats/Small animal 3-5 cats/Small animal 2 Cats/Small Animals 3-5 cats/Small animal 2-3 Cats/Small Animals 1 Cat/Dog
Product Net Weight 136lbs 178 lbs 67lbs 124 lbs 142.32lbs 17.4 lbs
Overall Dimension 76.8"(L)x 35.8"(W) x69.3"(H)  110.2"(L)x 73.9"(W) x73.7"(H) 31.5"L x 31.5"W x 70.9"H 71.1"L x 38.2" W x 70.8"H

Vertical :80.3"(L)x 40.2"(W) x 90.6"(H)

Landscape:130"(L)x 40.2"(W) x 40.2"(H)

29.9"L x 18.9"W x 26"H







Inner Space (Total) 5.2ft² 1.5 ft² 10.9 ft²
Capacity (suggested only) 1 cat/Small animal 1 cat/Small animal 1 Cat/Small Animal 1-2 Cats/Small Animals
Product Net Weight 17.4lbs 33.5lbs 15.5lbs 42lbs


Overall Dimension 29.9"L x 22.2"W x 30.3"H 24.3"L x 24.2" W x 36.8"H 23.6"L x 20.9"W x 18.3"H 37.4"L x 30.8"W x 33.5"H