Guiding for Choosing a Best Rabbit Hutch

Above is a list of the best rabbit hutches from Aivituvin. To keep your furry darling happy, their space must be clean and quiet. In our blog, we have provided you with the best buying guide for choosing indoor rabbit hutch and outdoor rabbit hutch. Here we've simplified what you need to consider. Make your selection process easier.
Whether an outdoor or an indoor rabbit hutch should be spacious enough and comfortable. The ideal rabbit hutch size depends on the size and number of your rabbits. If you have enough space and budget, then an extra large rabbit hutch is sure to meet any of your requirements. Conversely, a normal big rabbit cage is enough for rabbits to live.
You should ensure that you best bunny hutch is safe for pets and family members, both structure and material. Consider the safety of the staircase for the two-story rabbit hutch. Also, make sure it is not slippery. Otherwise, the rabbit could fall. Aivituvin's rabbit cages are made of fir wood and are completely harmless. And the structure is sturdy enough not to be easily harmed by predators.
Particularly in the indoor rabbit hutch, it is important to pay more attention to ventilation. Bunnies spend most of their time in the indoor rabbit house. Feces and the smell of food can contaminate the air in the cage. Over time, this can adversely affect the health of the rabbit. Prompt ventilation will keep rabbits breathing fresh air at all times. As you can see our outdoor and indoor bunny hutches come with glavanised wire mesh. This design not only helps you easily observe the movement of the rabbit, but also effectively promotes air circulation.
Raising rabbits is definitely not a short-term thing. If you buy a low-quality rabbit cage, you will waste your time and energy choosing. And the rabbits have nowhere to stay during the cage damage. The outside rabbit hutches should be given special attention. Outdoor weather is changeable, and the rabbit cage has to withstand wind, sun and rain. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor rabbit cage, you should choose a durable one.
The most common are wooden rabbit hutch, metal rabbit hutch and plastic rabbit hutch. The latest research shows that the wooden rabbit hutch is suitable for any breed of rabbit, and it is also very fit and comfortable. The wooden rabbit hutch is durable and strong enough to last longer. And it can also be used as a special decoration.
Pet rabbits are not as strong as hares. And pet rabbits are very afraid of the cold, so it is very necessary to keep your rabbit warm in the cold winter. If you have enough heating indoors, then you don't need to buy a thermal indoor rabbit hutch. If you live in a very cold place and you happen to need to keep your rabbit cage outside, it is very necessary to purchase a thermal bunny cage.