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How To Stop A Cat From Biting?
Abstract Many cat owners will ask: why does my kitten bite me?There are many reasons why do cats bite. In individual cases, they will show the instinct to scratch and bite. This is normal. There are four main reasons why...
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Is It Cruel To Keep Rabbits In Cages?
No. Rabbits need a home just like any other animal. It's not meant for them to be in for extended periods. However, rabbits need a place where they can sleep, eat, drink water, and relax. Especially they need somewhere to...
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How to Keep Rabbits Warm in Winter?
Abstract Winter is fast approaching, and the cold air draws in. Rabbits are a warm-blooded and sensitive pet. So, sudden temperature change puts a substantial challenging impact on every animal, including rabbits. The ability of survival depends mostly on quality...
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